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The University of St Andrews Chamber Choir is a group of around 28 auditioned singers. The ensemble focuses on Western classical music from the 18th-21st centuries and provides students at the University with an opportunity to sing in a secular context.


Performances by the Choir are predominantly given a cappella (unaccompanied) and scored for Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass, often subdividing into 8 or more parts.


The group rehearses on a Thursday from 7-9pm. They also socialise outside of rehearsals, including trips to the pub and pizza nights, which helps bring the choir closer together.


The choir has had many exciting opportunities over the years, including carolling, singing at the Fairmont hotel for a corporate event, and had planned a tour to Germany in March (pre-Covid19). This year, they're hoping to make the most of beautiful Scotland by travelling around to do some concerts.

The Choir’s repertoire is varied, featuring composers such as Rachmaninov, Vaughan-Williams, Chilcott, Matthias, and Whitacre.

University of St Andrews Chamber Choir


Audition Process


Auditions take place at the start of the academic year in the Music Centre. These consist of vocal-range exercises, sight-singing, singing back a short melody and an informal chat with the MD and manager where you can ask any questions you might have. Candidates are encouraged to prepare a short unaccompanied piece but this is not mandatory.

If interested in auditioning after Orientation Week, please contact the managers directly via email.

Musical Director: Leon Tasch

Manager: AJ Ridley


Contact if you have any questions relating to the choir.

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