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The University of St Andrews Music Society is St Andrews' oldest and largest student-run musical organisation. Over the years the Society has changed a lot, but its purpose -  to provide a service through which students may partake in music and to encourage the appreciation of music throughout the University and the town of St Andrews - has not.


The main way we provide a service for students is through the running of our ensembles. They provide performance opportunities to over 200 students each year. Our six ensembles, which rehearse at least once a week, also provide a social environment in which students can enjoy playing music in good company. We want to provide the right fit for as many students as possible whether its in our professionally conducted orchestra, or in one of our un-auditioned groups. 


In addition to the ensembles, each semester the Society also runs a Friday Lunchtime Concert Series. Typically, the Series will feature both professional and student musicians. It allows an even greater diversity of instrumentalists and vocalists with the chance to perform in St Andrews.

Social events are also an important aspect of the society. These include an annual Music Ball and Formal Dinner as well as BBQs, 'flat crawls' and smaller group socials after rehearsals.



MusSoc offers both Ordinary and Social Membership.

Ordinary Membership, £20: for those in one or more of our ensembles. Requested at the start of each year after the audition process.

Note : Symphony membership costs £25.

Social Membership, £10: for those not in a MusSoc ensemble. Available to all, this can be purchased to access discounted ticket prices for concerts and social events.

Both Ordinary and Social Membership can be purchased via the Union's website. 

Please note: Ordinary Membership contains the same privileges as Social Membership and so it is not necessary to purchase both.



Flexible Membership

We are aware that our members come from a variety of financial backgrounds, so if you have any concerns about meeting the cost of membership, please contact our Treasurer directly and we'll come to a solution discretely. We strongly believe that any musician should be given the chance to play, regardless of financial means!

Zero Tolerance Policy

As a Committee, we have recently taken an intervention workshop, lead by 'Got Consent?'. Following this, we have decided to introduce a Zero Tolerance Policy which applies to all our members. This can be found here.

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