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Founded in 1876, the University of St Andrews Music Society (aka MusSoc) is one of the oldest and largest societies in the town, with membership being, for many, a highlight of university days. It is for this reason that we thought it would be nice to reconnect former members, to reminisce about their time in MusSoc, share what they're doing now, and keep updated with the Society's concerts and events.

Please join our Facebook group if you are an alumnus of Music Society as we'd love for you to share your memories with us. Also feel free to invite any old friends/connections.

We hope to start a 'gallery' of alumni content so please get in touch with if there's anything you wish to share. One special contribution came in the form of a cassette and programme notes from MusSoc's 1976 Centenary Concert. You can find the PDF of the full programme here. We hope you enjoy!


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Established in 1876   

A haven for student music.


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